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OBS Overlay "Neon Green Fusion Stream Package" Animated Stream Intermission Banner Set Twitch Overlay

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Neon Green Fusion Stream Package:

- Starting Soon Panel
- Be right back Panel
- Stream Offline Panel
- Stream Ended Panel
- Intermission Panel Including Chat Window
- Generic Gameplay Panel Included 
- Transparent Stinger Transition 
- Transparent Webcam Overlay
- Font also included 
- Stream package also includes blank background panel
- 13 Animated Stream Alert Panels (including: new follower, new sub, discord, Facebook, hosting, Instagram, raid, recent donation, Snapchat, sub gift, top donation, Twitter, YT)
- High Resolution 1920x1080px 
- All files included in webm format including font 
- All colour versions as presented in the product image
- Pay and download instantly!